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GUN PARTS AND GEAR, In firearms terminology, the firearm frame or receiver is the part of a firearm which integrates other components by providing housing for internal action components such as the hammer, bolt or breechblock, firing pin and extractor, and has threaded interfaces for externally attaching (“receiving”) components such as the barrel, stock, trigger mechanism and iron/optical sights. The receiver is often made of forged, machined, or stamped steel or aluminium; in addition to these traditional materials, modern science and engineering have introduced polymers and sintered metal powders to receiver construction

The three basic parts of a modern firearm are:
  • action, which loads, fires and ejects ammunition.
  • barrel, a metal tube that the projectile passes through.
  • stock, that supports the action and in many cases, the barrel.
Five Rifle Types Explained
  • Lever-Action Rifles. The lever action was one of the first designs associated with rifles. …
  • Bolt-Action Rifles. Bolt-action rifles utilize a small metal handle that sticks out of the right side of the weapon, just behind the chamber. …
  • Semi-Automatic Rifles. …
  • Pump-Action Rifles. …
  • Break-Action Rifles.




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